Institutional Data

The University of Arkansas is a public research university, founded in 1871 as a land-grant institution. The university is the oldest publicly supported institution in the state and the flagship of the University of Arkansas System. The university’s campus is a thriving place where teaching, research and service happen daily.

Consistently ranked among the top public universities and best values in the U.S., the U of A is classified among the top 2 percent of institutions nationwide with the highest level of research activity.

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Institutional Research: Data, Statistics and Information

The university maintains a library of institutional data, statistics and information including aggregate demographic and other profile details about students, faculty and staff; information related to degrees, tuition and benchmark institutions; and reports created for federal, state and other entities including the Arkansas State Legislature and the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) compiles student data, faculty and staff data, surveys and other resources while also coordinating the university’s mandated reporting. The information provided by OIRA assists in administrative planning and may be of interest to the general public as well.

Featured Enrollment Data

Enrollment by Arkansas County
Enrollment by County

< 50

50 – 99

100 – 299

300 – 1,499

1,500 – 4,999


Enrollment by State
Enrollment by State

< 20

20 - 49

50 - 399

400 - 999

1,000 - 4,999



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Other Helpful Resources

In addition to the data and reports compiled by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, quick facts, history and general information about the university are available online along with rankings and other key milestones by the numbers.

News about the university’s research, student and faculty achievements, and other items of interest is available online and through Arkansas Newswire, the university’s daily e-mail news brief. 

Our campus calendar includes details about upcoming lectures, art shows, theater, musical performances, and other events.